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Feb 10, 2016

I love makeup. I'm not particularly great at makeup, but I like it.
I like trying out new things, I like finding new products, I like making my skin feel better.

When I moved to Dallas I had a coworker who loved makeup, too.
She moved on to a different job -- and so now I'm sharing all my finds with you!

Bit by bit I've been trying to remove parabens and sulfates from a lot of my makeup.
I'm allergic to sulfur, so this one was a no brainer. And it's made a HUGE difference.

Here's what I'm loving right now...

makeup i love feb 2016

// 1 // This eyeshadow is MAGIC. I have the UD Naked palette and it's okay, but this thing is amazing. Every color is super wearable for everyday life. Even that hot pink ends up a soft pinkish nude on. The only one I have a hard time wearing is the deep blue. I've only worn it as eyeliner thus far.

// 2 // I'm a mascara addict. I love mascara. It's the one cosmetic I can't leave without. My short, stubby, blonde eyelashes need the help. And THIS does it. I've tried so many mascaras, all of them seem to have big flaws. One clumps, another leaves epic smudges, the third you can't wash off, the next is so brittle....you get the picture. So far, the only problem with this one is sometimes after a long day I have a little smudge. I have greasy eyes, so this is not a huge surprise. But it makes my eyelashes look SO full. Plus it's opthamologist approved, so it's safe for your eyes.

// 3 // I challenged myself to be a little more daring in 2016 and this includes lipstick. I got a sample of 5 colors of this lipstick in my Gwen Stefani palette, and it is so good. It's truly long-lasting. I wore mine all day, eating, drinking, chapsticking and never reapplying and I still had some color left at the end of the day. I immediately went and bought a tube. I like the 'Firebird' fuchsia color and the 'Spiderwebs' red is the best red lipstick I've found.

// 4 // This is what I wear most days. It's the best light pink color, and looks so natural. Plus it has a hint of mint in it...which is awesome. This shade is 'Smooth Talker.' (I always think of this when I buy it.) I've gifted it to several people because it's truly the best gloss I own.

// 5 // This is my favorite natural blush. It's paraben free, cruelty free, and so nice on your face. 'Glisten' looks good on just about everyone.

// 6 // This is a cult favorite and one of mine, too. I recently bought it after using up a whole Tarte blush. I really like this one, it always makes my face looked flush in the right shade. But, I may go back to the other when this one's done.

// 7 // Last, but definitely not least, my new favorite foundation. It's essentially a tinted moisturizer/BB cream, but it's got staying power like no other. My skin really did get better after I started using this. And it's cooling, so it feels great in the morning. The one weird thing is it starts to dry quickly when you begin spreading it -- make sure you cover your face before that happens.

I want to hear what you're loving!
Share your favorites with me, I always need new ideas!


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