The One With the Bad Haircut

Jan 27, 2015

I have really thick hair. I mean insanely thick. And curly.
This is what my hair looks like on a pretty normal hair day.

And I feel like Ron Swanson when I try to describe it to people...

I've never had a haircut where the stylist's first comment wasn't about either a) how thick it is, or b) how curly and thick it is.
And this is what it looks like now:

After it was fixed.
And after I covered up the seriously whacked out back part.
Not so bad, just so not what I asked for.

She did do a bang up job on the color.

But my ponytail is about 1/3 of the size it normally is. And I have pieces in the back that are two inches long. TWO INCHES.


See ... I needed a trim. And I really wanted my highlights refreshed. It'd been more than 6 months since my last highlight (gasp! sorry, stylist friends). I researched salons and stylists for 3 weeks. I finally decided to try out a brand of salon I trust in a ritzy suburb here in Dallas.

And ... my hair was butchered. To the point where I cried after realizing what just happened. Even the stylist who fixed it was baffled. She looked at my mom with a wide-eyed shocked expression as she examined my hair. She did a good job fixing what she could (plus she knows about curly hair so I think I'll go back to her).

Yes, this is, admittedly, vain. But writing is also a means of catharsis for me, so this is helping me embrace my new-for-now look.

BUT on the upside I looked a bit like a short-haired (& blonde) Merida this morning when I woke up.


Curls er'rywhere.

Please, tell me I'm not the only one to suffer bad haircuts.


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  1. You're not!!!! Every hair cut of mine has been traumatic... Probably why I go years in between haircuts lol. It looks adorable! And who knows? Maybe posting Merida type pics on our blogs will win us some sort of John Frieda sponsorship?!?! It does look so good!


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