​Things I am feeling right now:

Jul 17, 2013

[Confession...I wrote most of this on Monday and I'm just getting around to posting it.]

1. Ticked at technology. I'm *still* angry Google Reader doesn't exist anymore. BlogLovin has a weird interface, Feedly doesn't let me keep record of my backlog (mine automatically updates just to stuff that's been published today..anyone else's doing that?), and Digg was supposed to come up with the most similar one...but so far I'm just confused.

Wahhhhhh, GoogleReader, no I won't love any other one as much as youuuuu!!!!

2. #1 Con't. My booth computer crapped out on my 4 times this morning. Twice the screens went completely black like the devil was taking it over. I'm so nice to work computers...I'm ticked it decided to mess with me -- ESPECIALLY on a Monday.

3. Impatient. I can't wait/am overly exited for the new Target to open up downtown so I can go window-shopping/mall-walking after work.

4. Tired. I couldn't sleep last night so say hello to the girl thats been up for more than 24 hours... I also drank my first energy drink in just about 2+ years...and remembered why I don't drink them anymore. Combined hot flashes and stomach ache are not a good look on ANYONE. (Update: I slept like the dead that night -- and after 8 hours my body woke itself up!)

5. Hesitiant. Tried the coconut conditioning treatment on The Small Things blog here...and my hair was like one giant oil slick. Kate, the author? No problems. (That's because she's perfect -- seriously, read her blog. It's awesome and lovely and she has the best hair and the coolest sister, Lauren.) Thankfully, I found several of the commenters shared my chagrin. And 4 shampoos later (3 with that gross-smelling-but-effective Neutrogena clarifying shampoo) my hair was no longer greasy. I want to try it again starting this time with the tips I garnered from several readers...but I'm still a bit nervous.

6. Joyfully content. I painted my nails this weekend as a stress reliever (truthfully it's only relaxing if they come out looking good) and I love em. White with gold sparkles. Aw yeah.

7. Excited. Pat found the best bagels in Portland and now I'm addicted. Hit up the Rescue Bagels cart if you want an authentic East-Coasty bagel that doesn't skimp on the cream cheese...or as Pat says a vehicle to get cream cheese into my body. Mmmmm.

8. Confused. I big puffy heart the bedazzled sandals of the season but because my one foot is so bony and wide at the top (thanks broken foot), I can't wear them. Even if I go up a size, or two. Target/Old Navy/Payless/Famous Footwear y u no make them in wide size?

9. Gratitude. I catch myself a lot lately being grateful. For Pat, my family, his family, my friends, my health, the health of my loved ones, my job, the sunshine, the cool breeze, more TV channels, toothpaste, cookies, Jamba Juice, lip gloss, all the little things that make my life as awesome as it is. I'm really grateful for them.



  1. I'm loving that mani. Also, can I just echo that statement on the wide sandals thing. My feet are SO wide and I'd love it if just once I could find flats and/or sandals that worked.


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