and the award goes to...

Jun 24, 2013

So there are these little tiny awards called the Emmys ...
See? See my pretty name on that lovely shiny statue? How cool is that?!! (I know it's totally vain, but I'm lovin' it.)

Lots of people have asked about the context of my award so I thought I'd just kinda give y'all the gist.
I received it for my newscast after the mass shooting at the Clackamas Town Center Mall up here in the Portland area.
It was such a sad day, with so many people covering so much important information, and my team did the most incredible job telling people what they needed to know about the shooting, the investigation, the victims, and what would happen in the next few days.

The stretch of days around this one were some of the roughest in my news career -- especially since the Newtown shooting happened just days afterward.

This is not, by any means, just my award. I couldn't have gotten this without incredible coworkers -- from my E.P., to my anchors, to the reporters who worked double-shifts to cover this, to my chopper pilot and photographer. Everyone won this award this weekend.

...It'll just live at my house. (A fact I'm giddy over.)

It also doesn't belong just to me because SO many people helped me get to this spot. Pat, my patient and long-suffering parents, my brothers and sister for their prayers and laughter, Erin Goff -- the best teacher I could ever ask for, and Stacey Tyler -- the woman who taught me hands-on how to be a producer, to everyone at my first station in Eugene and all the lessons they helped me (and sometimes forced me) to learn firsthand. I wouldn't be in this spot without any of them.



  1. so freaking proud of you!! i knew you'd do big things, even back at BYU!

  2. This is so so so incredible Siovhan!!! Like, seriously. You for sure have the right to brag about this one -- so proud of you, your huge accomplishment, and the hard work you obviously put forward and had people take notice!


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