I'm not always so brave

Mar 25, 2013

Sometimes I can be really brave -- like taking a job and moving within a couple days (twice), like dying my hair dark dark dark brown justfreakinbecause, like falling and subsequently slicing my leg open and calmly telling my teacher 'I think I need some help.'

But sometimes I am not so brave. Sometimes common, everyday stuff scares the living crap outta me.
(I know, I'm a big fat baby.)

Yeah, a stabber in the shower would definitely do it...

Here's a list of stuff that freaks me out on the daily:

Turning left when there's not a light. I live in a city with a fairly good amount of traffic and this crap makes me break out in a cold sweat.

Walking outside at night by myself. It happens because of my schedule, but I have become scary vigilant about running to my car and immediately putting it in drive. No thank you serial killers, I'm not a sitting duck.

My sliding glass door at night. If the blinds are open when I get up, I panic a little...because I'm just sure someone is going to be staring back at me if/when I look out the window.

Sticking my hand in the disposal to retrieve any kind of object lodged in there (spoons, forks, etc.) because it's definitely going to suddenly restart and chop off part of my hand.

Any kind of crawly feeling when I'm laying down. Arachnophobia anyone? *shudder* I'm terrified it's going to be a large bug slowly making its way up my leg.

Getting repeated calls from unknown numbers. Um, hello, at least leave a message so I know if you're super creepy or not. (I'm also a serial reverse caller i.d.-er. Thanks Google!)

Peeing if I don't have the chance to check my surroundings first. Two words: toilet snakes. (Ah, the things you learn about in news.)

In that same vein is dropping something on the floor in the bathroom at night, and having to bend down to pick it up then look in the mirror. I'm very worried that somehow in that time something/someone will have appeared behind me (Donnie Darko anyone?).

Driving next to semi-trucks on two-lane highways. Does it get scarier than driving like this? Oh, wait, yes it does. Add torrential rain and you have me in perpetu-panic until one or the other stops.

That's all I can think of right now. Anyone else got very specific (maybe strange) everyday fears?
Please let me know I'm not the only one (though it's entirely possible I could be).


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  1. Oh Siovhan! I have so many of the exact same fears it's not even funny. You are not alone my friend.

  2. Um we share EVERY SINGLE one of those fears... And I didn't even know about toilet snakes ehaaaaat?!?! Still awaiting the long anticipated update of your new job and city ;) also boston is a terrifying place to drive. Left. Right. One way streets. SO MANY SEMIS ON THE MASS PIKE SPEEDING PAST ME. Love when you do blog... There's so much you say that totally resonates with me ;)

  3. Hahahahahaha these are exactly the sorts of things that freak me out too- its funny to see them all written out like that and they seem like such innocent things but in the moment they sure get the heart racing!!!



  4. Ha! These are totally some of my fears aka they give me panic attacks. Especially driving by semis!!

  5. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of these is me. Literally. Anthony thinks I am such a pansy. I didn't even know about toilet snakes, but I still inspect the toilet before sitting down everytime. I think I am afraid there might be a bug in the toilet that might crawl up my... well anyways. We're soulmates. I love you for being a scaredy just like me!


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