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Feb 26, 2013

Heyyo little bloggerettes and bloggeritos! How is everyone? I see many of you have been graced with snow, cold, more cold, and the occasional day of sunshine. Sounds a lot like things here in Oregon only replace snow with rain and more rain.

So let's see. What have I been up to...well a lot of kicking butt and taking names. HAHA. Okay, so now that I have the comedy portion of the post out of the way... :P just kidding.

I'm actually just getting over a bout of the flu. Yeah, so I kind of sound like I have emphysema, but I'm actually starting to feel better. Mainly just congested and scratchy throated still, but on the upside DayQuil and NyQuil employees are thanking me for paying their kids' way through college. The flu knocked me out of work for 4 days, all of which were spent either asleep or coughing through reruns of Psych while wishing I could stop coughing and fall asleep. Woh Wohhh (go ahead and get out all your violins to play me a sad song. haha.).

Besides that I'm taking over some new responsibilities at work and loving what I'm learning and growing my talents. I love walking out of the booth and thinking 'dang, that was a great show!'

I've also gotten more chances to exercise, craft, read, paint my nails, cook, and adventure around Portland. You can see one of my crafty moments right here on the blog .. I'm updating my design (for the billionth time) because I need some freshness in this little corner. I've got a new header and there's now feeds for my instagram and twitter, and some fun new music! (P.S. If you wanna follow me, there are buttons for that on the top left!)

And guys, I'm knitting a blanket! It's coming along kinda slow (it's way more time intensive than I gave it credit), but it's going to be cool I hope.

Let's see...what else. Um, I need a new couch. Also, I love my apartment. Also I'm learning to cope without 30 Rock, thankfully Psych is coming back and I always have my fave Parks and Rec ... you.guys. How many of you watch it? If you don't, DO. It's perfect. Plus the Ben&Leslie wedding -- tears. I honest to goodness teared up at a TV wedding. I mean come on -- just check out their wedding album on Pinterest. I think Amy Poehler is perfect.

Oh speaking of perfection I have another new celeb dream-bff -- Jennifer Lawrence. She's HILARIOUS. Her night at the Oscars was enough to solidify this new I-wish-we-were-real-life-friends lady crush I have.

That's probably enough crazy rambling. What are you all loving/doing/crafting right now? I'd genuinely love to see it!


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  1. In case you've forgotten that I love you... I DO! I miss you deeply. About once a week I try to justify buying plane tickets to Oregon but then I realize your life is busy... like you actually have a job. I think you are fabulous and I cannot believe that you are knitting a blanket, that's amazing! So sorry you've been sick recently, that's blah! Call me someday soon when you aren't too busy!


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