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Jan 28, 2013

Hey folks, long time, no see...sorry about that. I've been out living life, finding my way around Portland (and subsequently getting lost a few times), finding new food places to enjoy, working my kiester off at work (my show is incredible and intimidating in all the best way), and loving having my bff/boyfriend up here now!

So as a way to catch you up a little, I thought I'd do a "currently" post. I've seen them on a few of my favorite blogs (Lauren's and Krysten's) and I've loved them every time they did them.



wearing: a baseball tee, yoga pants, and the comfiest moccasin slippers ever that i bought from old navy this past fall. they're faux fur lined and sooooo nice to wear when your tootsies get cold.

watching: 'diners, drive-ins, and dives' it's an obsession. i'm pretty sure i've seen nearly every episode, and most of them i've seen several time. right now guy is talking about cranberry chutney and its making me hungry.

thinking about: snow (praying all the snow stays in the mountains tonight), working out (been werkin on my fitness), blogging more (because i miss you folks!), and sleep (it's my bed time).

listening to: guys, i'm becoming more and more obsessed with philip phillips. he absolutely astounds me. i didn't watch american idol and just happened to find him through pandora and then realized his song was on, like, 90 billion commercials. but his other stuff is incredible!

reading: i can't stop reading lately. i've read 8 books since i moved to portland and 3 of them i've re-read in that time. i can't get enough of the help, let's pretend this never happened, and medium raw. now i'm also trying to work through my year with eleanor and seriously...i'm kidding. i am one of those people that can't read just one book at a time.

excited about: kicking butt in my workout today, the avocado in my fridge, the essie nail polish strips in stickers and stones, my new sweater from my momma (i'm in LOVE with the teal sweater), and my 1 a day diet coke i get. it makes it taste better.

planning: a way to get a furry friend in my life. i almost adopted a dog over the weekend but wanted to sleep on it and by the time i had, someone else had snatched her up. i cried. now i'm looking into other little guys that need a loving home.

loving: audible, my kindle (i'm still infatuated), not being so lonely up here in portland by myself, making more friends at work, finally finding really good mexican food near my house.

making me happy: seriously, do yourself a favor and watch this. it's made me happy all day.

So what are y'all currently up to?

I'm really going to try and be better about posting, I miss this little space. Plus I have some big ideas to come talk about with y'all.



  1. I too love Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I would watch them on repeat. I've missed you! Glad to hear from you :)


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