Jul 9, 2012

Finally. Finally. Finally.

Two-ish weeks ago blogger got in its little head that I was a spam blog, so sorry y'all if you think I'm spamming you. I didn't think so, but apparently the robots did. Thankfully they got their rears in gear and let me back onto my little space.

I have so many things to tell you about! Some, still pending -- and will need to wait a hot minute, others fun and happy.

First of all -- how are you? Don't worry. I did mucho stalking while my blog was AWOL, so I think I know what's going on in most of your lives.

Second, right before my blog took an involuntary hiatus, I had a winning week as far as blog giveaways go.

The first one was from hottie mrs. hot hot mama KLaw over at First Name Smith. There I won this lovely set of stationary from Little Laws Prints.

Only mine is gray and teal and has my name on it, obviously. I WILL be ordering from her again. It's some good stuff and I'm loving that it prompts me to write notes to people.

The second giveaway was from Krysten at Why Girls Are Weird, where I won these:

from Sarah Patino Jewelry. Aren't they gorgeous? And I love how simple they are.

(I really, really hope these links don't make the bots flag me again.)

Looks like my streak of only winning hair stuff from blogs is finally over! Woohoo!

It's freaking hot here in Oregon right now. So I'm reveling in my down time that has places that include A/C in their services. Otherwise, I think I'd die. Literally. My body would bake and I would perish.

In my free time I've dog sat, cat sat, hung out with Pat, made food, I did like a billion loads of laundry (or 5), mourned the loss of my childhood puppy (which should be discussed in an of itself), dealt with the joy of a nail in a tire, read, instagrammed, and laughed a lot.

So, for now my friends, here's my crazy hectic update.



  1. Hooray for your return to blogging! Love your guts :)

  2. Um me thinks you be needing an update ;)

  3. SO GLAD they found your blog and recovered it! Can't wait to hear about your new job!


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