That's Totally Okay!

May 22, 2012


Do you ever feel like sometimes you have those little quirks, moments or mishaps that you feel like you should feel weird about, but don't? ME, TOO.

So this is me telling you they're okay. And feel free to tell yourself that, too.

It's okay:
- that I wore only mascara makeup-wise this weekend -- and felt awesome about it.
- that I'm OBSESSED with Instagram.
- that little compliments get replayed over and over in my head. 
- that I get ticked when I read posts/tweets/comments that people who have e-readers clearly don't love books as much as people who don't. nope. not true.
- that I Facebook stalk my mom. 
- that the I've been daydreaming about pizza and concretes all day.
- if braiding my hair into a side-pony is what I consider "doing" my hair that day.
- if laughing with Pat is the best part of my day. 
- that I wear body spray marketed to teens because it smells SO GOOD.
- that I love my friends kids so much because I've watched them grow up through blogging/Facebook that when I go shopping I honestly contemplate buying their kids presents (I'm talkin' about you Jess, Tracie, Alexis, Ruth, Heather, Heather, Meg and Jenna).
- to lust after maxi dresses even though i'm 5'2" and well, that ain't gonna happen.
- that sometimes to calm my anxiety riddled mind I talk outloud to myself in the car (because it actually helps.)
- that my sister is one of my very best friends and someone I look forward to talking to every day.  
- that I can't figure out if I want to cut my bangs again, or if I want to let them grow out.
- that I can't go more than one day without chipping my nail polish.
- that I turned off Facebook updates to my phone for the past week (because a group I'm in won't. stop. updating.) and feel great about it.
- that I'm prioritizing myself.
- that my "reward pants" for being down a pants size (heck. yes! (#humblebrag)) make me do a happy dance when I put them on. 
- if I really want a kitten for my birthday.
- that I looked in the mirror the other day and thought, truthfully, "wow. you're pretty." and it was awesome. 
- if I'm favoring the "I'm too old for this crap" approach to my life.
- that keep looking for a chair like Pat's sister's because dang that thing was comfy to sit in.
- if I want to drink my body weight in Lemonade, but only when the sun is out.
- that I like cheesey sitcoms.
- that I have more pictures of Pat's cat on my phone than I do of myself.
- that sometimes I still don't know what's going on, and that's really really okay.

What's okay with you?



  1. Yaaaaay for the new pants :) proud of youuuu an I only ever wear mascara ever is that terrible?! The worst
    Thing is I own a maxi dress and I look crazy in it but I love it :) no shame in wearin them with five inch heels either

  2. Oh yes, the age old bangs dilemma. I'm working on that on now, but I'm getting my hair done on Saturday. I'm guessing I'm going to make a split second decision.

    Today, it's okay that I started going to Overeaters Anonymous and I have told only two people about it. It's okay that food is something I struggle with. It's okay that I'm not perfect, but I want to get better.

    Wow. A got a little deep there on you! Ha.

  3. Ha! I adore you. Come see us in Seattle please. :)

  4. Love this post! So honest and funny. Also, so glad I'm not the only one that always chips my nail polish. No fail! Every time!

  5. HAHA. love the comment about kids (i'm assuming i'm one of the heathers, its okay if i'm not...just don't tell me). :)

    i lust after maxi dresses too! but even though i've got the height going for me-i just KNOW that people will think i'm pregnant again b/c they can be so maternity-looking on a married lady, which is fine when you're all skinny but i've got some serious baby pooch after having kids so sometimes i actually DO look pregnant! :(

    have you started your own Mertaugh (?!) list?!? Our FAVORITE scene is Ted when he has to go tell the neighbor kids to be quiet...i might have already mentioned this to you before...

    one thing...i still can't decide if i'm okay with the fact that i can't go 1 day without a diet coke...


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