Being Beautiful on a Budget

May 8, 2012

Hello there friends!
How are your weeks going?

I thought today we'd talk about beauty blogs. My friends, I love beauty blogs/products/chatter, which is mildly ironic because I don't really wear much makeup and have super super super thick hair making a lot of hair tips kind of moot points for me.

But, my friends, I don't have the budget to love all the things many beauty bloggers love. Lemme tell you, I big puffy heart MAC and Sephora (confession: I would own Bare Minerals whole collection if I could, best foundation I've ever used, if you can afford it--do it.) but it's just not realistic for me.

So if you're in my cheapo boat, I thought I'd share some of my favorite penny-pinching pretty-fiers.

bargain beauty

1. Frizz-Ease Mousse: I love this mousse for when I want a more defined wave to my hair. Scrunches like NONE OTHER. My go-to curly hair product and has been for 5+ years now.
2. Dove Dry Shampoo: This is a recent find and it's incredible. The smell is awesome and not overwhelming, it doesn't leave that weird white film in your hair, it makes your hair feel cleaner, and it's less than $5, so if it gets clogged (like all my dry shampoos are prone to do) I'm not weeping that I "spent so much money" on it, because I didn't.
3. Shimmer Strips: These were shown to me by the lovely Liz, and I love it. It's the less expensive version of a blush/bronzer combo like my old Nars one and make you look just as pretty. I love just the little bit of natural looking I've-just-been-in-the-sun-picnicing color it gives you.
4. Falsies Flared: This is my favorite drugstore mascara, but it has to be the "Flared" version. Adds length and volume to my poor nubbin lashes. It also doesn't make my lashes fall out, which cheap mascara is wont to do.
5. Dream Curls: This is the best soft curls spray I've found yet. It lets my hair stay wavy, but soft and un-crunchified (remember gel-ed curls of the 90s/early-00s? sad hair time for moi). And all it takes is some spritzing, some scrunching and if you'd like a little blowdry. I personally just let mine air dry.
6. Moroccan Oil Conditioner: BEST. CONDITIONER. EVER. Makes my hair so soft, silky and NOT greasy I'm still amazed it hasn't become mandatory for women everywhere. It makes my hair so easy to run your hands through, and two days without washing is not even remote grease-ville. (I don't wash my hair everyday ever. It makes it like hay.)
7. Silicone Headbands: Comfy, cute, and so easy to reposition throughout the day. Plus I got a pack of 4 for $5.00, unheard of.
8. Dream Mousse Foundation: Great coverage, doesn't feel like your wearing makeup, and looks natural because it's a mousse not a powder or complete liquid. I've also bought the kind in the little pot before and I really like that one, too.
9. Polish Strips: AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. Easy to use, fun to wear, and dude they stay on for like 2 weeks no prob (especially the glitter ones) which is way longer than what I'm used to polish-wise.
10. Fresh Vanillas Body Spray: Found this just last week and it smells AMAZING. In fact, I'm ready to convert all my friends and family ... well at least the ladies, to this scent. Light, fresh, and doesn't give you a fragrance-headache during allergy season and that, my friends, is a huge WIN.

Got any beauty buys you love?
I'd love to share them with everyone! (With credit, of course.)


  1. Loooove all of these

    John Frieda is the sole reason I survived my hair in high school bless that man he is a genious

    I'm trying the dove dry shampoo thanks for the tip

    You should do this every time you find more goodiesssss


  2. i've been looking for a good conditioner...i'll have to try that one!

  3. I love that mascara and I've been wanting to try #6! Does the dream mousse foundation make you break out? My favorite beauty product is Big Sexy Hair's dry shampoo. Saves me SO much time and energy on doing my hair! I swear my hair looks better 3+ days out from a real shampoo after using their dry shampoo. Pricey, but worth it.


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