Virtual Vitamin D

Mar 16, 2012

It is winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, and thus, it is winter here in Oregon.
I know most of you are sitting here saying to yourselves, 'Yuhhh doi,' or at least you would be if you were trapped in my early 90s brain.

But what you might not realize and what I didn't realize until I moved here is that Oregon is GRAY GRAY GRAY from about November to late April. Don't get me wrong, the lack of snow and the temperate climate are still SUPER awesome (although, this year we've seen a bunch of snow), but I do like my sunshine and subsequent Vitamin D fill.

Instead I give myself faux Vitamin D of both the literal and emotional version.
And I figured it's possible some of you are looking for some emotional D, so you can share a few of mine!

Moment Junkie
I can't even begin to express how much I love this blog. It's simple, it's touching, and man if it doesn't help you fulfill your desire to see happy things in life, I'm not sure I can help you. This blog posts a picture, sometimes a few, a day -- all of glimpses into weddings, families and happy times. I look forward to seeing it in my Reader.

This playlist. These songs make me want to sing a long, bop along, and make me feel happier when I hear them on the radio.

Signs in Boston in Boston Accents
This blog post. HILARIOUS. Boston has such a distinct accent and I love that someone went around the city photographing how people would say things instead of how they're spelled.

Clean, Funny Pics Facebook Page
Whoever moderates this needs an award. I found the gem above earlier today and could not stop laughing. It came with this caption: "It's so neat when the bride and groom each release a bird on their wedding day... Brings a tear to my eye every time... This time it brought a tear and made me hungry though."

Got any things you're loving to bring sunshine in your life? Share away mi amigos.


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  1. thanks for sharing! I am super excited to check out these new gems!


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