i'm diggin.

Feb 2, 2012

Hola, mi amigos! Como estan?
I hope the answer to that is super duper bueno. (Why, yes, I do speak Spanglish, thanks for asking!)

My brain is fried (or frita) due to writing lots and lots at work, along with doing all my other job stuff. Sometimes I feel like the only things I've paid attention to all day are if I'm wearing pants, and the CNN Newsfeed.

So, I thought I'd share with you some of the things helping me get through my days lately:
gettin through

1. I love this sweater. Mine actually doesn't have the Fair Isle pattern, just gray and black stripes, but I did get it for $8 at Old Navy and, well, I'll love just about anything for 8 bucks.
2. Fold Over Yoga Pants, also from Old Navy, are a blessing. Like manna from heaven. They're so comfy and just the perfect solution for my end of day not wanting to wear real clothes attitude.
3. I know, I know. I hated them, and then I bought a pair and now I have 2. And I love them. They're so comfy and warm for my still-air-conditioned office.
4. The Kindle Fire. Um, best invention ever. I love it. I almost don't use my regular computer when I'm at home. I can read, watch videos, listen to music, tweet, use the internet. It's awesome.
5. Ah, my phone, my insight to the outside world.
6. Okay, have y'all discovered this show yet? It's like a 2012 Friends, plus their characters are so well developed you really end up loving all of them for their individual quirks.
7. Um, yogurt is the food of the gods. And my favorite recent foray into breakfast.
8. Sierra Mist. My medium between water (blech) and Diet Coke (because I'm still trying to avoid drinking loads of it).
9. Best.headbands.ever. Don't slide much, hold my hair back without giving me a headache, and are cheap. YES.
10. Best winter lotion in the world. Trust me. Spend the $4 (better per ounce than any fancy lotion), and give it 2 days applying it twice a day and you will notice the difference.
11. Um, so I've also become a Maybelline believer. This stuff is so good, so natural, and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything. Plus on days when I don't wear makeup, that mascara makes all the difference. Falsies, I believe in your ability to make my non-lashes look stellar.

So, what are you guys diggin lately?


  1. I'm diggin you, but that goes without saying!

    Uh we are so alike it's scary. I have that sweater and those pants. You just cannot beat those prices!

    I'm currently digging my new phone. Like can't put it down.

    Have a good weekend, love!


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