holly holly holidays

Jan 1, 2012

Hi friends!
How were your holidays? Did you eat lots of good food and spend time with those you love?

I did. Probably a little too much in the food arena. My holidays were hustly, bustly, fun, tender, and overall just great. I stayed here in Oregon (oh, that work thing) so I missed out on physical time with my family but was taken in by Pat's family, so graciously.

I got to talk to Braden in Nicaragua on Sunday which was so wonderful! He's so tan and happy and just greatly missed. My family and I managed to Skype for about 5 hours and it greatly helped me stave off my holiday homesickness.

Santa was SUPER generous this year, endowing me with a Kindle Fire and a couple other things, and Pat got me much needed cases for my techy goods and the coolest gift -- a giant cereal bowl (normal bowls aren't big enough for my cereal addiction). And my sister got me something awesome that sadly has been delayed in the mail for a few days.

This year it was better to give than to receive. I know it sounds cheesy, but I took much more pleasure in finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones than I did opening my own gifts (not to say they aren't AWESOME). It was such a good feeling, reminding me of lessons I've long known that charity is much better than Scrooge-y-ness.

How are all of you?

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