Hey, It's OKAY!

Jan 10, 2012

It's OKAY that:
Saturday I didn't change out of my jammies until, like, 9 at night.
I was cranky after getting woken up not one, not two, but three separate times Saturday (my only day to sleep in).
Every time I see that Cloo network promote I want to sign up.
I spent a good chunk of Sunday watching NCIS.
I ate cereal for more than one meal this weekend.
That one of my favorite friends made my day by reblogging my crazy Texas hair pic on Tumblr.
I have a hand sanitizer addiction.
My phone charger is half broken...okay, that's not okay but I'm trying to be okay with it.
My hair just won't do what I want today.
I drained my Kindle battery in one afternoon.
I read more now that I have a means to carry multiple books with me at all times.
My family is moving to Texas next week.
I cried when I got news that my high school BFF is having a kid after years of prayers and hope and adoption papers.
My nail polish has started chipping even though I applied a top coat for, like, the first time ever.
I finished Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and want to re-read it already.
Someone found my blog by googling "bangs are long."
I watched Arrested Development last night as I fell asleep, and fell asleep laughing.
I get jealous that Instagram is only for Apple stuff, and that Pinterest's app is only for them, too.
I'm so busy with work crap that my only thought come 8 is FOOOOOOOOD.
This is my blog entry for right now.


  1. ok, first of all the days i dont get to change into real clothes always outnumbers the days i do.
    2) cereal is ALWAYS awesome.
    3)I need to convince drew that purchasing IEHOWM? is an essential.
    4) I do wish instagram was for more than apples, especially since drew will have a non-iphone smartphone :( so so lame. we should write some strongly worded letters to IG asap.
    5) I NEVER use pinterest on my phone. it is just too small!! pinterest was MADE for BIG computers :) you're not missing out by not having it on-hand. I got rid of it because it always takes an eternity to download anything (ONLY on my iphone, getting rid of pinterest is BLASPHEMY!!)

    you are so so cute, siovhan. i love when you blog, it always makes me smile :)

  2. Ummmmmm, I'm still in my jammies at 4:36 on a Thurs. afternoon. Ha! And I think about food all the day long. Is that ok? :)

  3. where in texas are your parents moving?? mine moved there about a year and half ago and love it! :)


    i hate nail polish. it's always chipped. no. matter. what.


  4. Your family is moving to TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    and 'bangs are long?" simply amazing!


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