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Dec 2, 2011

(Oh my title is stretching it tonight.)

Hey guys, remember me? Hi!
I've missed you! I've been really busy as we're super understaffed as work, I'm now 4 weeks caffeine free (what what!), and just spending my time doing stuff besides blogging.

Clearly, my goal to post everyday last month only lasted for about 2/3 of the month. But, well, it's something.

So I thought we'd explore some more pinterest finds (it's seriously addicting).

I love this grouping. That red bag -- to die for.

If it snowed more here, you best believe I'd be doing this to all my coworkers cars during my lunch break.

I started a board with things that are on my "bucket list." This is one of them.

This should be printed and posted in every girl's room from age 11 onward. I remind myself of this a lot lately.

I love this meme almost as much as I love success kid. I also love to dougie.

Isn't this just the prettiest bathroom you've ever seen? I would nap in that shower.

Hahahaha. I seriously laughed out loud and hard when I saw this.

You fully know this is true. Oh, Dory.

Most ingenious way to find and keep track of your keys.

Preach. On.

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  1. I was reading through my old blog the other day and saw how much I used to read your blog. Way to go on keeping it up! Also, I love Pinterest too. SO ADDICTING.

  2. haha. snow on the cars is too cute.


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