Nov 12, 2011

I am late as usual, today (Friday) is my momma's birthday. And she's not going to see this until afterward, but better late than not at all, correct?

My mom is 29 again. It's amazing she was able to birth me when she was only a wee lass. Haha. I kid. I kid. But she looks freakin amazing for having a 25 year old kiddo, right? Seriously, I am so hoping I got those genes.

My mom and I have always been close, ever since I was little. It wasn't until I was older I never really understood a) how awesome that is and b) how lucky I am to have that. My mom and I have always shared the good, bad, silly, and somber times. She's often the first person I call when I need some guidance or perspective. She's a great listener and great at helping me understand or see things in a way I didn't before.

My friends in high school came over just as much to see my mom as they did to see me. In fact, I know several of my friends would confide their problems in my mom and ask for her support or help or opinion about what they were going through. To this day several of my friends remain just as good of friends with her as they do with me (some, if not even better). One friend of mine even called my mom when she couldn't find her way home knowing my mom wouldn't tease her about it like I would have. That, my friends, is true compassion.

My mom might be just the most selfless person I've ever met. She went without for so long so that her kids could have all the things of their dreams. I remember in high school my dad forcing me to go buy her stuff or take her to buy clothes or things she needed because she'd justify that we deserved new things, not her. She till is so generous, sending me cards, packages, little notes just to remind me how much she loves me.

This also extends to her immense ability and drive to serve, completely without complaint. She drove countless kids to church activities when I was younger, volunteered to go to girl's camp, spent time making all kinds of treats, costumes, props and lesson helps for all kinds of stuff. She still does. She spends so much time trying to make life happy and quality for her church girls that I can't even figure out how she does her hair and makeup and eats every day.

My mom always taught us that our brains were a vital part of who we are and that they need constant nourishment. She'd take us to visit historical places, science centers, museums, and landmarks all the while teaching us why each thing was significant. My mom instilled within me an immense love for the written word and would (and still does) tear through books like a madwoman.

My mom is my best friend (and I'm even okay that I'm not her best friend (my dad is)). She knows me better than I know myself.

Momma, I love you. Thanks for being the very best mom a girl could ever ask for.


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  1. I miss your momma. And to give her more credit even than you did, when I called her for directions it was after my own parents didn't answer their phones. So your mom is truly a hero in times of need.


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