I am ...

Nov 3, 2011

Today has been a long day. It has been a frustrating day. Not just everyday frustrating but the kind of frustrating that leaves you clenching your fists in a bit of fury, and subsequently releasing them due to sheer exasperation and exhaustion. The kind where you think of playing hooky the next day but won't because you're a responsible person and gosh-darn-it you're supposed to one of those grown-up things.

But it's okay because I took my frustration out on a wonderful strawberry milkshake (the berry best kind).

It's okay because tomorrow is another day. It's okay because it's just a blip on the radar. Two years from now I won't be able to remember why today wasn't fantastic, but hopefully all the reasons it was.

It's okay because Pat made me laugh so hard tonight, all the terribleness was replaced. It's okay because the frustrating days have to happen to recognize the really good ones.

It's okay because Psych is on my DVR right now. It's okay because there's crackers in my cabinet. It's okay because I have yoga pants screamin my name.

And it's okay because, well, I say it is. Because if I even remotely let myself believe it can't be okay, I'll dwell on this forever and beat myself up for things and hold things against other people...and that's just not fantastic.

"Today was hard. Tomorrow will be better."



  1. Those are the kind of days that bring me to my knees begging for patience and kind thoughts :) Love you lots, Siovhan. I love reading what you write because you are such a positive person. Inspiring, to say the least.

  2. Aw, Siovhan. Hope today has been better for you.


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