Gettin my hurs did.

Nov 16, 2011

I'm a little behind on NoBloPoMo (still the weirdest and silliest title ever), but even just multiple posts in a week will make me feel like I'm accomplishing something and not just straight up abandoning this little spot (as has been known to happen).

Let's discuss something my friend Sariah and I constantly talk about. The battle of the bangs.

In my whole life I have never been bang-less (I really want to make a your mom joke here, but I won't because I'm sure your mothers are lovely. haha.). When I was younger I had the dreaded teased 90s bangs. In middle school I did the dreaded split-right-down-the-middle bangs. In high school I had curled front bangs (why, oh why, did no one teach me about side bangs then?!). And in college/now I've had/have swooped side bangs.

Part of that is due to the fact that I always had the feeling I was born with a GIANT forehead (I wasn't). I also have a round face (fact.), so I felt like bangs elongated it. (As I type this I'm instantly jealous that men don't think of things like this.)

Back to the battle. There hits a point where my bangs are just.too.long. This usually ends up with them bobby pinned on top of my head for two weeks until I chop them on a whim at 1 am. Then, I regret it. I miss the long version of my bangs, despite them being "unbearable" before.

So right now, my bangs are LONG. I'm resisting the late night chop and instead opting for some side bobby pinning. Like this:

(Yes, gratuitous pictures of myself. Also evidence I can't be serious, ever.)

But I kind of like em long. I'm diggin this hairstyle. The only downside are days like today when I don't straighten or curl my hair and it's just stuck in a low bun (I'll tell you of my ponytail phobia another day). I ended up trying them like 10 different ways before just sticking to a strong side part.

Do you guys face the bang battle? What about the battle of chopping vs. growing out your hair?


  1. Your hair is gorgeous. Love the color, love the cut, love the bobby pin look. I, on the other hand, am going bald. Another lovely post-baby side effect :)

  2. I'm all about growing it out! I think short hair looks good on a lot of people, but it never makes me Ooo and ahh like long hair does.

  3. Haha, I've been stressing so hard about my bangs. They're finally getting to that long stage where they look ,as my old coworker said, "like a giant 'thing' hanging in front of [my] face." I made an appointment Monday for a haircut, so we'll see if my hair even stays as long as it is. I'm a habitual spontaneous hair cutter.


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