Nov 5, 2011

Crap! Blogger didn't post my scheduled post for yesterday! And in my quest to post everyday, that just doesn't work. So here it is:

A few months ago I bought a smartphone, more specifically an HTC Inspire. I love it.

I used to mock people who talked about how much they love their phones or how they can't imagine life without them. But now I'm one if them. It's so easy to find things out, update my Facebook and Twitter, check my calendar and keep in touch with my loved ones.

But I'm also likely the dumbest smartphone user ever. I only check my Twitter like 3 times before 7pm. I use Facebook less than ever before. And Pinterest, my addiction, doesn't have an Android app yet.

I downloaded Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio and stopped playing both within about a week. So what I really should be asking is, friends, are there any to die for apps or games I should be falling in love with?


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