Tuesday Tune-up: My Girl BK

Sep 6, 2011

Okay, it's not new news for anyone who knows me that I have a deep and abiding love for Miss Beyoncé Knowles. It's the truth. I big puff-paint heart her. That's a lot. I freakin' loved that puff paint stuff.

1. Let's Move! -- I Love this song because it's all about empowering kids and getting them active. Adults, too, probably. I've seen her perform this with several groups of kids who would never be able to afford to see her perform live, and she hit them up with their very own performance.

2. Run The World -- I chose this version because the music video is weirdo ba deerdo and freaked me out. I appreciate Beyonce for trying to show women that they're awesome. Regardless of who they are, they can do great things simply because they're them. I need to be reminded of this every now and again. Plus, it's DANG catchy.

3. Irreplaceable -- This one always reminds me of my mom because she would sing it in the car and text me that it was stuck in her head. In fact when I was packing to move to Oregon she would sing her own version: "to the left, to the left, everything goes in the box to my left."

4. Independent Women -- BK, as I call her because we're tight, has SO many songs about women demanding respect for themselves. About making sure they're treated right. This song is no different. In fact, it was likely the first.

5. Flaws and All -- I found this song recently and fell in love. If I was pressed to name my favorite celebrity couple it would be Beyonce and Jigga. And I love that she wrote this song about how she knows she's not perfect but loves him because he treats her like she is. I think my favorite line is, "I'm a peasant by some standards/But in your eyes I'm a queen."

Do you have a favorite Beyonce song?


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  1. Actually, oddly, Crazy In Love reminds me of Spencer. He just has something for that song! Kind weird.


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