maniacal monday

Sep 19, 2011

My laptop charger has been dying for about two months, but I've been able to MacGyver it into working several times (even tying it to my computer at one point) ... until last night. I'm at a loss for how to make it work now as it clearly has just given up. At least I think it's the cord. I'm really really really hoping it's not the computer itself because if that's the case I'm toast.

I started a Pandora station based all around Julie Andrews this week. Hi, you can just hand me my cane and orthopedic shoes now. That being said, it's awesome. It's comprised mainly of Disney songs, Julie's CD, and My Fair Lady. All favorites.

I made soup this weekend. That might not seem like a big deal but I made it all from scratch and I didn't mess it up. That is an incredible feat. I'm one of those people who has a "first pancake" type problem with many of the things I cook. I nearly always burn one side of my grilled cheese because I got distracted, my pan is nearly always too hot for the last couple pancakes so they turn out weird, my biscuits aren't at the right golden brown so I mis-estimate just how much time I should leave them in, etc. But people I FREAKIN MADE SOUP. And it was delicious.

I also made mini-monkey bread. And it is INCREDIBLE. It didn't turn out exactly right as I let the brown sugar and butter congeal a little too much.

I found the recipe here. Let me tell you, these ladies know their stuff.

I was checking my stats and someone searched Liz Lemon and found me. Welcome! We love Liz up in this hizzouse.

My ribs and back hurt. I sleep weird.

My girl Krista clued me into an AMAZING hair curling technique and I can't get enough. I, like my curls, am often pretty tightly this combing out/dragging the ends/purposely not being completely flawless is pretty awesome. So I'm going to share it, too because I feel like promoting good hair days is good karma.

Krista has a whole bunch of hair tips she's shared here's two on Liz's blog: Tips and Tricks and Memos from a Stylist.

My computer died on me. So I'm finishing this after work as I wait to go pick up my new cord and PRAY that is the issue.

Today was not the best. (For lots of people from what I can tell.)

I have two chunks of hair on either side of my face that when I blow them dry they refuse to be anything but straight--it doesn't matter how long I try to curl them. But if they air dry? Ba-da bing, ba-da boom we're in business. They're bugging me right now.

Update: it totally was the cord and now it's fixed! Yay fairly-expensive-for-what-they-actually-are computer parts!

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