e-window shopping or the way i get rid of impulse buys

Jul 19, 2011

So my lovelies,
I have been busy up the wazoo.
(In all honesty, when am I not?)

So in some of my downtime -- I've been perusing Etsy.
It's one of my favorite things to do (and a much less impulsive form of window shopping) so I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds with you.

(I was in no way, shape, or form compensated for any of this. These are strictly my own opinions.)

found here
how do i not have this already?!

found here
my mom used to say this to us. it's from winnie the pooh. 
i want to paint it around the top perimeter of my room.

found here
since i spent a big chunk of my adolescence there, i freaking love this.
also, it should be noted, i'm in LOVE with bus scrolls. i want one in every room. 
(no lie, i have 40 or so saved on my favorite items list.)

found here
um, who doesn't want a moose necklace?! because i definitely do. 
also, her t-rex one here.

found here
i arbitrarily picked one item to showcase but to be honest i freaking love jillyink. 
she has the best handwriting and free-hand calligraphy i've seen. 
plus, it doesn't hurt that she's an incredible woman and one of the nicest people i know.

found here
i actually have this print in my room. i love it.
mandy does everything. from crochet, to photography, to chalk and even jewelry there's definitely something to appeal to anyone and everyone in this shop. 
also, she's awesome and has the cutest kids...but i'm a little biased as one of them is my best friend.

Do you all like Etsy? What are some of your favorite finds? 
I'd really love to know ... I need more shops to peruse and fawn all over.



  1. um, are you on pinterest? if not, you should be.

  2. I'm on Etsy all the time! I'm obsessed. Probably since my sister and I have our own shop (daintyhippo) and because I get out my impluse buy window shopping like you too.

  3. cant WAIT to stalk you on pinterest too :) great ideas for me/drew to buy me for christmas!! lol

  4. Thank you for including my bus scroll in your blog post.


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