Things I Have Learned

Jun 28, 2011

(Some the hard way, some the easy way, and some just by observance)

  • I will resist smartphones for years, claiming I didn't want to be "too connected" ... and likely buy one anyway.
  • All those studies about people who watch TV before bed and then can't sleep? Totally valid.
  • I will, categorically, just buy more underwear instead of spend the same amount of money to do that load of laundry (especially when I can do it for free starting Thursday). 
  • I will allocate an alarming amount of my bed to blankets I'm not using, clothes I'm not wearing, books I'm not really reading, and sleeping I'm not really doing. 
  • When I get really stressed the tips/chunks of my eyelashes fall off/out.
  • I was told I was the real life version of the girl Tangled by 3 separate people this week.
  •  Guys that claim to be "the nice guy" and then have to keep defending that when they're mean to everyone and act like other jerks ... aren't the nice guys. 
  • I will procrastinate packing.....forever. Vacations, moving, overnights...always.
  • Those sugary foods I generally aren't worth it, or are forgotten within the hour. Forego that and eat an apple.
  • Amy Poehler becomes my hero more and more every day. She's strong, funny, smart, extraordinarily nice and loyal, to boot. All things I value a lot.
  • In that same vein, if it walks like a d-bag, talks like a d-bag, dresses like a d-bag ... it's likely a d-bag.
  • I hate Michelle Bachman. Hate. 
  • If I leave my apartment back windows open during the day, when I come home my house will smell like a smokers' room at Motel 6. thanks neighbors!
  • I tend to give the general masses much more credit than they readily deserve. They almost never fail to disappoint, yet I still continue to believe they won't. I think they call that "insanity."
  • Being good at your job inherently makes you more trustworthy to your boss. When you're the one doing your job and others don't -- your word becomes weightier. 
  • You can be 25 and be a workaholic. 
  • It's okay to be 25 and not be positive what you want to be when you grow up. 
  • Annoying acquaintances snarkily commenting on my Facebook status can make me grumpy very easily. 
  • People (yes, it's a generalization, but calling someone out is rude) are perpetually shocked that Pat and I are still together ... and they seem to be surprised I haven't scared him off yet. 
  • BBQ is the food of the gods. 
  • Calling your doctor with questions about medication is smart, and will soon win you the friendship (and, likely, pity) of the assigned nurse. 
There are plenty more, my friends, but I'll save you from them right now. 


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  1. good thing I have you here giving me advice... LOVED this :) especially about the dbag one. so so true.


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