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Jun 9, 2011

I full on know I've told you about Ruth before.
She's awesome. And artsy (which adds to her awesomeness). And a great mom/wife/friend.
OH! And she just happens to share a love of all things Boston.
Which, as you know, sends a person pretty much straight to the core of my heart.

Well, Ruth tagged me in one of those chain-blog type thingamajiggers.
The main reason I decided to do it? She referenced mean girls in the first few sentences. Holler!

So here goes!
(It's long. You've been warned.)

Seven random facts about myself:
1. (This is hard, I feel like I tell you guys so many random things already.) I have 4 refillable cups from the same restaurant (if you buy it the first time it's unlimited 99 cent refills forever)...because I always forget to take the same cup back. I get in my car, get half way there and think oh yeah, you, you forgot your stupid cup.
2. I kinda don't do well at twitter. I'd like to, but I don't have a smart phone or an iphone or anything ... and I think it puts my tweetbilities at a disadvantage. But I'm trying. Seeing as I might need it for future endeavors and things.
3. I am a self teacher for a lot of things. Mostly tech-y stuff. But I need a teacher for fancy stuff in the kitchen. I am not a good improviser when I'm following a recipe.
4. I don't read as much as I'd like to anymore ... well, formal books, that is. I read a lot of blogs and articles and stuff ... and a TON for work, but I don't tear through books as often as I once did.
5. My allergies in Oregon are OUT OF CONTROL. I wake up with itchy, dry eyes, snotted over nose and a scratchy throat. (And now I'm always worried I have sudden onset pneumonia again.)
6. My car makes me so happy. But it is also SO dirty right now. And not just the outside. I have TONS of crap inside that car right now.
7. I just finished the Sports Night series on Netflix the other night. It was awesome. Also, I don't really miss TV. Nexflix is for sure more worth it for me. What I want to watch on my time and terms? Perfect.

Now answer these four questions:
1. Name your favorite song: (this changes all the time) Tell Her About It by Billy Joel
2. Name a song you thing is romantic: Marry Me by Train
3. Name a song you recommend someone to listen to: Rolling in the Deep the John Legend Cover of Adele
4. Name your second favorite song: (currently) If It's Love by Train

Now this is apparently what those songs mean...
1. this tells how you feel about yourself (hahaha tell myself about it. i talk to myself already too much.)
2. this song tells how you feel about a person you secretly have a crush on (hahahahahaha this one is better. dear pat, apparently my not-so-subconscious thinks this.)
3. this song tells how you feel about the person you are in a relationship with (not even remotely true.)
4. this song tells how you think other people view you (actually, might be kind of accurate.)

And here are some more randomities:
1. Do you think you're hawt? Were these questions written by a 14-year-old?
2. My current wallpaper: Calvin and Hobbes
3. When was the last time you ate chicken? Earlier in my Mango Chicken Salad
4. What are the songs you have listened to recently? Too many to music is on too often
5. What were you thinking as you were writing this? This is like an email chain letter from 7th grade
6. Do you have any nicknames? Sunshine, Bunny (from Grandma), Vonny, Vonny-bon, Laurel (Pat calls me this to push my buttons haha)
7. Random eight blogger friends who will be tagged by this: 
(you don't have to do it) 
8. KLaw

8. Who is listed as #1? Ruth
9. Say something about #5? She is one of the most popular Bloggers I've ever (virtually) met. Everyone loves her and with good reason.
10. How did you get to know #3? Through her blog, email and Twitter. She is pretty much the bomb. I stalk her design blog like NONE OTHER.
11. How about #4? Noelle is the most stylish blogger I have ever met (like I've actually met her in real life). She's so sweet and just the classiest girl you'll ever know.
12. Leave a message for #6... 
Hang in there. You're amazing. And plenty of us are rooting for you!
13. Do #7 and #8 have similarities? HA! Yes! They're both bombshell gorgeous brunettes with the funniest personalities and best senses of humor.
14. Why does #2's blog interest you? Gabby is honest. She posts about real life and about how she actually feels about things. She doesn't hide behind internet anonymity or the fact that someone might find her. She's just Gabby and she's SO loving.

Dude. If you made it through that, I owe you a lollipop.


  1. heehee you had me at "lollipop" :) thanks for the hollerback girl!

  2. i get a lolli! ;) this was cute. i like this quizzes.

    and now i am singing -- TELLLL HER ABOUT IT...


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