guess who's back ... back again...

May 18, 2011

oh yeah.
i have a blog.
i forget that sometimes.

actually i've just been lazy/busy/lackadaisical about it.

here's a consolation prize:
adorable, no?

heather asking me if i was alive made me think ... now might be a good time to post.

also you might have noticed that this is showing up in your google reader.
yeah, i took away the private thing because it's easier to just avoid certain topics than to be private.
also i had, like, 9 separate comments saying you forgot about me because you couldn't see it in the reader.
woh wohhh.
so i'm back.

now let's play ketchup. i mean catsup. i mean catch up.
i have to move again. yes. this will be twice so far in 2011.
my roommate just took a job in albany, new york.
i actually had a coworker the other day exclaim their astonishment at how far away that is ... and then look at me and say "do you even know how scary that is moving coast to coast?" i actually just stared at them. "uh. yeah. i grew up in boston. and moved 2,500 miles away at age 18." sometimes that fact is still weird to me.

also weird to me -- i turn 25 in two weeks. NUTS.
twenty-five. 25. 2-5.
how did i get to be this age?
i swear i was just 13 like last week.

i've become a netflix addict.
i don't know why anyone has cable anymore when there's netflix and hulu.
college football is the only reason i can come up with.

i'm trying to think of anything funny or anecdotal to share with you all.
because, let's be honest, you're totally here for the comic relief i bestow upon your lives.

well, since i'm failing ... i'm gonna end this.
until later,
love y'all!


  1. I totally agree that it'd 20x harder to remember to check private blogs than it is if they're just in the feed! Glad you're back and alive and almost 25!!! (hey that rhymed.)

    Look forward to more posts!!

  2. Yay! Welcome back! I've been periodically checking in to see if you've posted. I miss it when you're gone!

  3. yay!!! you're alive!!! :)

    i'm happy you're back!

    we're actually going to give up cable in exchange for netfix and we're excited. its good to hear something positive for it. alas, bruce has already begun mourning next college football season... :(

  4. hooray!!! I am so glad you are back to not being private because I am stupid and cannot for the life of me ever figure out how to find your blog unless its linked to mine :) I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!! and yes we are finally quitting the cable this month and converting to netflix (since we already watch mlbTV by using drew's uncles' passoword online hehe dont tell! and what is there left to watch anyways that you cant get on netflix??? nothing!)

    i was waiting for the comic relief. still waiting.
    hows the boy????


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