some new deets

Mar 18, 2011

1. I have discovered the beauty of Google Reader. How did I ever live without it before?! It's increased the ease of reading all y'all's blogs...but it has cut down on my commenting because it requires another step...and I'm blog lazy.

2. Once upon a time I had to turn in my timesheet today for work. (Which includes my hours for tomorrow.) And once up on a time in a two week (80 "required" hour work week) I had 28 hours of OVERTIME. That's in ADDITION to my regular hours.

what the what!?!!

I miss my weekends. Sigh.

3. I have become obsessed with Parks and Rec on NBC. I'm firmly convinced that NBC has the market cornered on good sitcoms. Plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Amy Poehler.

4. I have finally watched two movies I was waiting to be able to rent: You Again and MorningGlory. Both are SO good. I really liked em. You Again is super cheese-fest, but it's really clean and pretty interesting. Plus I identified with the fact that she's a dork/klutz. And MorningGlory was really good...and pretty accurately depicts the news industry (which is usually a load of not-realistic poo in movies). My only issues with it were that it made me think of work on my limited time off. haha.

5. Pat and I have eaten BBQ 3 times this's been AWESOME. I'm pretty much obsessed with brisket and ribs...and Mac & Cheese.

6. We watched an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the other night and the whole time I kept wondering how April's news station functioned because it seemed to shut down when she was missing ... but it wouldn't if it was New York ... and Pat laughed at me because I was analyzing news coverage, not the giant talking turtles.


  1. Google Reader revolutionized my life! The down side is some media items, like videos and embedded music in posts don't show up. I like the reader widget for my igoogle homepage.

    Um, I think you and work need to take a break from your relationship. 108 hours is insane!

    Parks and Rec: my excuse to fawn over Aziz.

  2. what? JUST discovered google reader? it's my favorite. and i don't comment as much anymore either. i wish it worked for private blogs. :)

  3. Depending on what kind of mac-n-cheese you love, I'm thinking I could share my recipe if you desire. It's about as far from Kraft as you can get, so if you meant Kraft, then you might not like this. Anyway, I think I have reached Mac-N-Cheese Perfection with the last time I made it. Deeeeelicious! If you want it, let me know :)

    And on to other things besides me. I LOVE reading your blog, Siovhan. Miss you tons and it always makes me smile because it's like talking to you in person. Except the best thing is missing - being able to see you smile and hear you laugh. Hope you're doing as well as you sound. Love you tons.


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