so jenna's crazy...but here it is:

Mar 8, 2011

Jenna says I'm a stylish blogger!
I think she's NUTS. 
(She clearly doesn't know about my pajama pants DRAWERS (plural).)
(My family has collectively rolled their eyes at this point.)

As part of the award I have to divulge seven secrets and then tag seven other stylish bloggers. 
So here goes. 

1. I'm afraid of smart phones. Not because I can't work them (I'm a pro) but because I'm afraid of being TOO connected to the internet world. I really don't need to know everything about Facebook all day and keep it in my pocket. BUT despite all of this -- I want an iPhone so bad.

2. I’m starting to think I’m an introvert with extrovert tendencies.

3. I LOVE NBC. I watch more of their general nightly programming than any other station. (Although, I do habitually also watch Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory.)

4. I had more fun at the Blazers’ game than I ever had at a Jazz or Celtics game.

5. When I get home every night it usually takes me about 3 minutes for me to be in sweats. (Hence why I'm SOOOOOOOOOO not stylish.)

6. It took me years to not be terrified to call someone on the phone. Even still, I usually panic slightly as it rings. And I still get very high-school-girl-crush flutters of nerves when I call Pat on the phone.

7. I’ve lived in 5 different cities and 13 or so homes/apartment complexes/hotels in my life.

And now I have to tag other people.
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Have at it, ladies.


  1. Dude, there is NOTHING stylish about me, but I feel so freakin' honored that you passed this little award on to me! Loves.

  2. yay! I feel like a super winner winner chicken dinner :) spank you!!

  3. Just to let the world know...Siovhan WOULD NOT ever be caught in anything but a dress or a skirt when she was younger. I often put a pair of sweats on under her skirts in the winter time, because she REFUSED TO WEAR PANTS! Then when she hit the high school years, she would even wear her plaid pajamas, with a sweatshirt to school as her school attire. Yes...times change, people change, but pajamas are forever.


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