why i need to enlist a grandma

Jan 7, 2011

See this gorgeous kitchen? 
Well, I have a funny story about this place. 

So it's no secret from y'all that I'm looking for a new apartment (due to my crazy roomie). 
Well, in my quest for the perfect new place -- I've been looking farther south in town ... closer to the boyfriend. 

One night while headed over to his place I stopped at the market and realized there was a big group of apartments just across the street. Desperate as I am, I decided to stop in and see if I could talk to anyone working there. 

But before I did this -- I did something really creepy. I looked inside people on the ground level's open windows. I could see these gorgeous kitchens, the cute little living rooms with fireplaces and laminate flooring.
And from what I could tell, there were tennis courts, covered parking, a pool -- everything you could look for in a complex.
I fell in LOVE. 
I was sure they'd be out of my price range, but I new I needed to ask. 

I walked inside the front door, approached the front desk and asked the girl if they had any apartments available. 
"For your family?" she asked. 
I'm sure I looked puzzled and replied, "No, for me."
She smiled as she said, "Um, miss, you can't live here."
A little bit hurt and slightly offended that she judged me that precisely I said, "Um, alright. Thanks." 
She laughed and said, "This is a retirement community, so you're too young." 

Of course I fall desperately in love with the RETIREMENT COMMUNITY I can't move into because I'm 40+ years too young.

Hahahahahahaha. Classic. 
So, my search continues.



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! This just made me laugh out loud at work! I love you!

  2. Way to be an old fogey, haha. The next time you go there, you ought to wear a gray wig or something so they'll think you're more legit. You might have to draw on some wrinkles, too, or make up some story about the miracles of plastic surgery. I'm sure you can handle it.


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