keeping the crazy at bay

Jan 20, 2011

I'm fairly convinced that one day I'll be one of those old ladies who gives herself a nervous breakdown because she's thinking about/stressed about/worrying about too many things (i.e. has too much on her plate). 
Although, (and my mom will vouch for me) I'm usually much happier when I have a lot to do -- because being bored sucks.

My dad will likely cringe--but that's my to-do list on my hand. Not the most effective means, but it gets the job done. Plus. I'm never without my hand. 

So I'm gonna share some crazy to alleviate it. 

Apartment hunting sucks. Sucks. Apartment management businesses try to take you to the bank with everything required just to APPLY. 
Pat and I are going to a 1-year-old birthday party this weekend and I'm stoked. This little girl is the cutest little bean and we've been privy to so many of her monumental moments. 
Plus her parents are rad, so that's a huge bonus.

I realized today that there might be something worse than passionately disliking someone -- and that is severe apathy for that person. That you don't care what happens to them in the slightest. I realized this because there are people I actually feel this about. Two I can think of, actually. It makes me feel kind of bad. 
I have Blazer's tickets for next month and I can't wait to go. 
I want it to be NOW. 
(Escapist much?)

I have a coworker who is sucking up to me SOOOOOOOOOO bad because she knows I have a piece of info that if told to our boss would likely cost her her job. Instead of feeling empowered by this, or even like I can use this to my advantage -- I mostly feel awkward. Partially because I even know about the situation... partially because I know she thinks I'm going to/have told people ... and partially because I think she's going to try and use this to make me seem like I'm picking on her.

I ran/read some weird stories today: 

My hair keeps getting curlier. 
And bigger. AND LONGER. 
I was looking at it over the weekend and it is past my bra line in the back. No exaggeration.
Even Pat commented, "your hair is really long!"

I miss my family.

With all this stress, and crap-itude going on lately...Pat has been my rock. 
We had a fantastic weekend this past weekend -- and I couldn't be more grateful. 
He is more amazing that I can, or could even fathom being able to tell you.
(And I'm keeping the deets to myself because they're SUPER emotional and personal.)

Any of you dealing with the crazy?



  1. "Plus, I'm never without my hand"

    hahahaha. Brilliant.

  2. The to do lists...mush have been going around yesterday...mine was a mile long!

  3. I stopped blogging because of too much crazy in my freakin' life...good for you for being able to keep it up. Love you!

  4. I love that you measure the length of your hair with your bra line too !!


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