Jan 12, 2011

My mom used to tell me that goals not written down are merely wishes. 
So I'm making myself accountable to y'all. 

I don't really believe in new year's resolutions ... but I do believe in making goals routinely -- and mine just happen to coincide with a new year (a great, natural beginning). 

So here are my major goals for my next 6 months: 
  • Get rid of toxic, dramatic, inhibiting people. 
  • Create a budget. STICK TO IT. 
  • Cook at home. 
  •  Learn to coupon & save money.
  • Move more (in the exercise sense, not in the residency sense).
So now y'all have to hold me accountable, too. ;)



  1. It's dad: I am going do more exercise too. After the physical therapy I want to continue building my shoulder.


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