Dec 1, 2010

To be honest, I've had a hard time blogging these past few months because all the fun exciting things I'd like to tell you about -- I'm afraid to.
Mostly because of all the stories about professional and educational troubles due to facebook and blogs.

So, once again, I'm thinking about going private -- so I can tell you all about my life! 
(Because that's the fun part, right?!)

I'm going to lay something on y'all. And it's going to be mushy. But this is my space, my rules, my game. Holla.
I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life. 

family picture, 2006

I have the best family a girl could ask for.
My mom is the most amazing woman. She knows when something is wrong, or when you need her -- even when you haven't said a word. She supports me in, through, and with everything. And she'll let me call late, no matter how early she has to be up. And she makes me laugh simply when she laughs.

My dad calls all the time just to make sure I'm alive, to make sure I'm doing alright, and to make sure I haven't driven myself crazy. Plus he tells me awesomely pun-tastic jokes, which slay me. And he still calls every time Bleeding Love is on the radio.

My little brother Braden is so sweet and works to maintain our bond even though he's so far away. This week he and I got a chance to chat via email, and he reminded me how great he thinks I am. We talked about the future, about our great family, about being homesick. Growing up and moving away (even from each other) has really solidified our bond. Plus, the kid has the wackiest sense of humor and the greatest laugh.

My littlest (ha. he's actually the tallest) brother Ben and I are pretty close. In fact, out of everyone in our family, I'm the only one he confides in. I think that's incredible. He's a 17 year old boy who loves to chat with his sister. He's so funny and sarcastic, he makes me chuckle even through his texts.

And lastly, but never least in my life, my baby sister. She's such a blessing in my life. Every night (EVERY) night she texts me goodnight as she goes to bed just to make sure she knows I'm thinking about her. And she is more than gung-ho about boyfriend ... embracing him even though they've never met. Plus she's HILARIOUS. And we have nearly the same laugh at this point, which really makes me happy.
 (we found mustaches in the vending machine on 2009's naturally we made her look like a creeper. This picture makes me laugh nonstop EVERY.TIME.)
Actually, thinking about it, my family is hysterical. I said they make me laugh, about each of them.
I LOVE you guys.

I'm grateful for my wonderful friends.
You know who you are (hint, you, hint). I'm so grateful I have you in my life.
For my Megans new and old.
Miss Holly, my long-time, permanent bestie.
For el producero del manana. For my blockbuster co-hort. And the amazon, pink-shoed lady.
And so many more of you.
I am blessed to have you in my life. Love, xoxo.

And also, I feel crazy about blogging because, honestly, I am desperately, hopelessly, ridiculously in love.
And the mush can only go so far before I become sickening.
I am the luckiest girl.
I have a man who treats me so well, tells me I'm beautiful, calls me just to say hi, comes over all the time (no matter how tired) just so we can spend time together. He makes me laugh (seriously non-stop. funniest person i know.), tickles me til I almost pee, snuggles me, cooks for me, holds me, listens to me babble (all.the.time), kisses me on the forehead, and loves me.

We've had some fantastic times. {And lately those times just keep getting even better.} I can't stop smiling about when I think about our memories (for example: eating chinese food in my room while listening to music and watching netflix).
Honestly, he was the one who saw me when I was invisible. But he never treated me like I wasn't the msot important, beautiful or wonderful person in the world.
He's so special.
I never thought I'd be so lucky to find someone who just gets me.
Thanks for being my puzzle piece. I love you.

Love you all. 
Fur. Rills.



  1. if you go private... you better let me in on your blog still!!! frealz. love you supercutie!

    xx red sox mama

  2. All I can say is. If you go private... You must let me in. Because I just have to know every detail about this boyfriend of yours. I don't know his name and I haven't even seen a picture of him yet, but I like him already. I love to see you so happy! You deserve it! Miss ya!

  3. xoxo 2. :)

    I don't care if you go private, as long as you invite me! Especially if it means I get to hear more about your life . . .

    (Yeah, that was a pretty blatant hint there, in case you missed it.) ;)


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