things i'm grateful for

Oct 12, 2010

i told a friend of mine this week that i wish they taught a college course on how being a grown up isn't exactly what it's cracked up to be.
but there are definitely some good things.
here is where i enumerate some of them.  
because it makes me happy.

fall foliage
good music
happy people who smile at you
my billy joel mix cd in my car 
talking to an old friend
hot apple cider
memories of family fall trips to waterville valley
the kindness of a friend who tells you you're cared about 
stuffed crust pizza
warm, snuggly blankets
orange juice 
my genius pandora marvin gaye station. seriously, the best ever.
the free trial of netflix. i'm falling in love.
aziz ansari
disney movies
blue skies
sweet songs that make me think about love, my life, the future, etc.
mcdonald's ice cream cones
calvin and hobbes
the i love my ducks return of the quack. seriously.
fuzzy slippers
my car 
my super comy $3 old navy yoga pants
new music nights with the boy
my white checkered vans
pumpkin spice ANYTHING.
my new glasses -- oh guys, do i have the story for you.
{so i've had glasses for 9 or 10 years. when i got my glasses it was a really light prescription for nearsightedness. well that prescription stuck, i.e. i've always had the same prescription and the same pair of glasses. (that's right. the SAME pair for 10 years. holla.) so lately my eyes had been hurting and i'd been getting headaches after staring at my computer all day at work. so on a whim i decided to go get my eyes checked...and guess what?! i'm now FARSIGHTED. that's right. my eyes corrected their nearsighted problems and went the other way. thankfully, it's not a strong prescription. but they're cute. i'll get a picture up.}

well, that did make me feel better.
hope you all are having a fabulous day.



  1. I LOVE this list...and you!! And of course I'll give you couponing tips. Super easy :) xo

  2. Wanna mail me some fall foliage? HA! I'm grateful for my girlfriends. I have trips booked to see every single one of my bridesmaids and I can't wait!


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