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Oct 22, 2010

{from megan's visit sept. 2009}

Inspired by Gabby's call for something random 
(which we all know is what I do best)
... here's some random stuff. 

I've been whittling down my Marvin Gaye playlist on Pandora -- which is my all time favorite Pandora station I've ever created.
(Seriously. Type it in -- listen -- fall in love.)

I have a crap TON of hair. Pictures don't do it justice. It's so thick. Here's a story to illustrate my point, somewhat: Last night I took a shower around 10:30. I went to bed with wet hair, to let it air dry. (Which it does in Oregon quite nicely.) I woke up at 8:50 this morning -- and the majority of it was still wet. And I'm a stomach sleeper, it was exposed all night. 
Also, I have to use 2 ponytail holders to keep a ponytail in place. 

I feel guilty for falling asleep before I really got to talk to boyfriend last night. He texted me, and we exchanged a couple texts (mostly nonsense on my end) but I was half asleep and ended up just crashing. He keeps having to be the one to call, too, because I keep falling asleep. Poor guy. His girlfriend is 90.

Speaking of hair, I've worn mine in braided pigtails two days in a row now ... and I love them. 

I've been craving really good mac and cheese for like two weeks now, and keep getting disappointed by the mac and cheese I choose to eat. 

I got a splinter in my lip last night from eating with chopsticks. 

I'm getting REALLY excited for the Celtics v Heat matchup for next week. King James against the Big Shamrock. Awww yeah. 

I'm wearing hot pink underwear today. It makes me really happy.

My journalist senses kick in in awesome ways sometimes, and at other points -- nahsomuch. Like when boyfriend was supposed to come hang out the other night but fell asleep (he works until LATE). I got so worried I checked all the Medical Response logs, the police accident log, and hospital rosters -- to make sure he wasn't hurt somewhere.

I want chicken wings. Right now.
Instead, I'm eating Costco Pizza.

I love doing laundry -- sorting, tossing it in the washer, sorting and tossing in the dryer. 
BUT. But I HATE hanging and folding. Which is why I've had a basket of clean clothes sitting on my floor for approximately three weeks.

I have a very specific closet hanging arrangement.
(skirts and dresses, collared button up shirts, hoodies and sweaters, then: black, white, gray, pink, yellow, blue, red, purple, green, brown).

I want to be at the ocean right now. 
(with my chicken wings.)


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