on tha reez

Oct 25, 2010

I promised a post or two ago to post a picture of my new glasses. 
I finally remembered! Haha. Here they are:

I like em! I tried on about 40 pair of glasses ... to no avail. I left the store and came back a couple hours later and found these cuties. I'm still a little sad they didn't have the red ones I was in love with a couple months ago -- but I really love these ones.

Also that sweater is pretty much my favorite item I own. It's SOO soft. 
 Also my yoga pants. They cost me $3.00 and they're so comfortable. 
How was everyone's weekend?


  1. No fair, I want new glasses! They look great hon!

  2. Love the glasses, and love the long hair! You're a pretty young thang.

  3. love the new glasses...they look adorbs on you.

    as does the sweater. so very fall and fab! ;)


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