i want:

Oct 10, 2010

I've been nursing a really heinous head cold for most of this week.
(still worth kissing the sick boyfriend.)
Ew. I sound a little like a man, a little like Fran Drescher.

So sitting here sick on my couch, all I really want is: 
 my snuggly trailblazers blanket 
my even snugglier boyfriend 
a steamed apple cider from starbucks 
to be snuggled up somewhere like this: 
with a good book
and my super snuggly boyfriend
my favorite sweatpants 
a really comfy worn-in boyfriend-y sweater 
some french toast 
and hashbrowns smothered in cheese
oh, and did i mention, my super snuggly boyfriend? 
him, too. 
(being sick has left both of us mucho under-snuggled) 

(scary...or sicky...)



  1. Feel better lady! And to answer your question, I miss New England Fall so so much. I miss The Big Apple and the changing leaves. I miss the smell. I'm trying to convince Karl to come back with me next fall. :)


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