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Sep 6, 2010

it's another round of crazy things going on in siovhan's head.

i'm still at work today -- because the news never stops. even for holidays. although it really mostly does because holiday shows are the most challenging to fill. but i love a good challenge. :)

my BRAND NEW cute little car got broken into over the weekend.
stuff got stolen. and police thing i may have been targeted, actually. ick.
it makes me feel ridiculously unsafe at my apartment.
i keep having nightmares about it, about people attacking me, about people breaking into my house, etc.

still, i love my car.
i love how many dang cup holders it has.
seriously. it has like 6 ... maybe even 8.
(not sure if the back seats have em in the door, too...i never sit back there).

i love that it's getting to be fall weather. i love cool, crisp, leaf-changing weather.
i'm not as excited about the perpetu-rain in oregon, though.

i finally found my perfect pair of mirrored aviators:
{i heart them.}

i have the sweetest boyfriend in the world.
even when he's sicker than a dog...he's great to me.
we had the funniest night the other night, watching tv, listening to music, and just chilling together.

i'm in love with this sweater i finally got in the mail. courtesy of some birthday money and a gift certificate:
{i've never met a cardigan i couldn't love...well, almost.}

college football season has officially begun. and i couldn't be more excited.
i LOVE football. 
go cougs! go ducks!
and hooray for victories on both sides this weekend.
i'm stoked to watch this season's games.

Oh, and Miss Summer B's dad is doin real awful.
Send some love and prayers his way.
And if you can -- click here and add to the good karma, and love he needs.
 This good man deserves some epic universal love.
 Plus Summer's gonna pay it forward.
Also watch how happy he was to see her -- here.
That's pure love, my friends.

grown up life is dummmmmmmmmmbbbbb.
it involves too many bills, too many heartaches, and not enough fun and spontenaity.
yes, i know i can fix some of that...and i'm trying.
(/end whining.)


  1. you and your mirrored aviators are SMOKIN' HOT!!!

    sorry you had to work today. bummer! but you're home now...probably with your love bug and life is good. aside from the break in. what's that all about?! SCARY!!! eek!

  2. I am so sorry your car got broken into, that's so horrible!

  3. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. It sucks not to feel safe. Ugh.

  4. oh babe. i hate to come here and read your car was broken into. ugh.

    however, i am sending you lots of love and a big thank you for posting about pops!


  5. Hey! You got a new car?! But it got broken into?!!? SAD DAY!
    I am SOOOO excited for college football! I bought a guest pass for the games!! :) (cause I am not taking classes right now)
    Anyhow... I will be in town tomorrow! And in church on Sunday! I hope you feel better and hope to see you on Sunday! :)


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