my stylin sister

Sep 17, 2010

My little sister is the cutest.
Seriously. It's no contest.

See? 'Aint she adorable?!!
Well this cute little girl lives 3,000 miles away from me.
And she has for a little more than 6 years now.

Still, we talk to each other every night before she goes to bed. 

And in a real display of sweetness -- she babysat for a whole day, saved her money and bought me this shirt:
because she knows how much I love Diet coke. 

Cutest little sister EVER.



  1. Love this post (and the one before it :))! You're the cutest! xo

  2. That is officially adorable. I'm the youngest and always wished I had a little sister.

  3. I think I'm hormonal cuz that just brought tears to my eyes. What a sweetie!


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