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Jul 26, 2010

My friend Ginny: 

{isn't this an awesome picture? it's from Holi.}
{oh! and remind me to tell you sometime about how truly incredible and amazing Ginny is. she's one of my heroes.}

challenged me to do a 10 Quirks post {like her} -- and we all know I'm real quirky, so I'll gladly oblige. 

1. I have a routine to follow before I sleep. And not like a night time face cream regimen -- like a number of flips and tosses I have to do in my bed before I can fall asleep. I start out on my back, then turn to my stomach facing right, then turn to my left, (and sometimes i do another sequence of this) and then I can slumber.

{my actual feet}

2. I have 9084560984058 pairs of shoes (okay, that's an exaggeration) but pretty much I'd rather be barefoot than wearing shoes at any point.

3. I don't set my alarms for normal times, but they're always set in 5 minute increments. 8:08, 8:13; 4:54, 4:59; 10:03, 10:08; etc.

4. I'm one of the most accident prone/clumsy people I know. Literally I can hurt myself in ways no one else would (like when I cutting stuff last night for dinner). I even broke my foot in high school by tripping over the other one. No joke.

5. I'm not a cat OR a dog person ... I'm both. I tend to think I'm slightly more suited for a cat because they're more autonomous and I work all the time -- but I love both.

6. No matter what is going on in my life, good, bad, happy, sad, ugly, pathetic, hopeful -- set me at the ocean and I'm immediately at peace.

7. I always pick the most annoying ringtone on my phone for my alarm setting. That way I'm so annoyed that I have to pay attention to it.

8. I usually cut my own bangs because I think other people mess them up. I'm RIDICULOUSLY O.C.D. about them. And I cut them (to some degree) at least once a week.

9. When I'm concentrating really hard or I'm really bored I tend to tap my front teeth with my pointer finger fingernail. I'll just sit there and tap as I think.

10. My favorite writing medium is not regular paper, or anything like that. It's napkins. I LOVE writing on napkins. They're so cushy and great and my handwriting looks awesome on them.

What about you? Let me know YOUR quirks!


  1. I'm the same way about setting my alarms for weird times! I think this morning mine was set for 5:42am. Sometimes it's 5:47am... Lauren made fun of me so much when we were rooming together at BYU because of this, but it's awesome knowing I'm not the only one with this quirk! hahaha

  2. I stinkin' love this post! And I love you!! So glad you did it :)

    (And I totally tap my teeth too!)

  3. I'm like you with the accident proneness..I tripped over a kid one time and broke my

  4. I love being barefoot too - it's so freeing!

    And I also cut my own bangs - and I tend to trim them every few days. Totally OCD about it.


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