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Jul 29, 2010

I've been absent from the blogging world. 
Because, my friends, as the Lovely Liz puts it: 
"Real life trumps blog."

So I've been out livin life, working, having fun, loving, dating (same boy), smiling, laughing,
and BEING.

Oh, and obsessively watching NCIS. 
Not a show that would generally be up my alley ... I'm seriously into this show. Like USA has marathons and I have them all DVR-ed into this show. I'm becoming pseudo friends with Gibbs, McGee, Ziva, Abbey, Ducky, and DiNozzo. (Aaaand it doesn't hurt that the characters are endearing beyond measure.) It's smart, it's intriguing, and it sucks. you. the. freak. in. I love trying to piece together the clues as the team does. And the way Abby and McGee can piece together forensics ... makes me want to be a forensic scientist.
(I just with USA would play them in order.)

It might make me a serious old lady -- but I LOVE The View. (Helps that I work at ABC and can watch at work.) 50 cent was on The View today...and it was awesome. He talked about his dramatic weight loss for a movie (seriously, check out the pictures (he went from 214 pounds to 160)) ... and how he's gained it back. You can see the segment here.

Gabby got me thinking about this next part -- but seriously, these things need to be recommended. 
I don't think I've ever posted a picture of my hair all curly ...but trust me -- I have quite the mane. I am always on a quest to find a shampoo I'll really love that'll take good care of my hair (when it's straight and curly), will keep my color/highlights vibrant, smells nice, and won't break the bank. I think, my friends, I've found it. 
The Dove Color Repair shampoo is AMAZING. It's light, it doesn't weigh my curls down, and it smells AMAZING. Honestly, I have mousse in my hair right now and my hair is still very soft and my curls look great even though I barely scrunched them.

I have tried mascaras from SO many different companies. And I love this stuff more than I loved my high price mascaras.
I get fairly greasy under my eyes by the end of the day (especially when it's hot) and I can honestly say the only times I've seen this smudge is when I've been really sweaty, or after sleeping with it on. I love Maybelline mascara...and this one DEFINITELY continues that love. And after my last AWFUL mascara ...  it's a breath of fresh air. My eyelashes don't get clumpy, which is great because I have so few, and it makes them look LONGGGGGG. I freaking LOVE this stuff. 

Also my sunburn is peeling/has peeled a lot and it is ITCHIN like crazy! I lotion it everyday -- but it doesn't help. Anyone got any remedies for itchy burnt skin?

And I finally got my perfect pair of mirrored aviators. I've searched for weeks (and after dropping my sunglasses in the river) I found ones I LOVE. I'll take a picture next time I'm in my car with them. 

How about y'all. How are you?



  1. Yes! Real life always trumps blog. I have a Lovely Liz, too. Gotta love 'em! I'm glad you've had time to relax!


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