Jul 4, 2010

So since poor Jamal is D-E-A-D dead...I needed to get a new car. 
I'd been debating between the Mazda3, the Toyota Yaris and the Nissan Versa.

And after some test drives, sleepless nights, SO much stress, a few tears, many hugs/kisses/snuggles/taking me off a ledge/tips from boyfriend, lots of negotiating, even more math, 49837457 calls to my dad, meeting with an agent and financial agent and the GM ...  ladies and gents, I'm the proud new owner a cute little Nissan Versa.

{Not my actual car, but same model and color.}

We finally got it down to what I wanted (or at least as close as I think it'd ever get). 
And I really like this car. It's SO cute. And has new car smell. And is shiny. And cute. 
And mine. 
I'm still tryin to figure out what to name it ... I'll keep ya updated. 

Plus, I did this with the bank of Siovhan...not the bank of Mom and Dad. 
Kinda proud of that step.
(And prepared to be paying it off for what will seem like forever -- compared to Jamal's no payments.)



  1. Siovhan!! I went through the exact same thing 3 years ago... same debate between Mazda, Toyota and Nissan... and also ended up with a Nissan! I L-O-V-E my little black car... and you will, too! Plus, they have, hands down, the nicest, most accommodating customer service in town!

    Woot! Yay for new-car smell, shiny, and cute car love! Congrats!

  2. I love you. It was fun to hear all the negotiating you did for the beloved. So, is it like Utah where you drive it off of the lot...or like Massachusetts where you actually have to wait seven to ten days to drive it away?

  3. you should be proud of that step - it's a sweet car and it always feels good to be that much more independent :) Congrats - a Versa sounds a lot cooler than a mini van...


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