crispity, crunchity, sunburned legs...

Jul 19, 2010

This was the view of my weekend. Well, at least my Saturday. 
Boyfriend and some friends of ours (Hi, Ryan!) floated the Willamette River and had a lot of fun.
There were definitely some bumpy points... some bumpier points ... some treacherous points ... but we made it out in one piece. 
(One toasty, sunburned piece.) 
It reminded me just how gorgeous Oregon really is -- and why I love it here. 
I did sacrifice my flip flops, sunglasses and inner tube ... but I'd do it again in a HEARTBEAT. 
Plus it was on my "Summer To-Do List" ... so I got to make a check mark this weekend. Holla!

Also, I'm RIDICULOUSLY obsessed (like most of Middle Class America) with the Old Spice guy. 
I just found out he did a series of YouTube videos answering questions from fans and celebs, etc. 
Check em out HERE. Also he does videos to his real life self, his real life daughter, and a series of videos to Alyssa Milano (one, two, three, four).
If you need a good laugh (Hello, Monday, you angry wench) -- check em out. You'll laugh.

How were your weekends, peeps?


  1. That looks like an amazing weekend!! Beautiful!!

  2. Siovhan!
    Have you seen the BYU Old Spice spoof? go youtube "study like a scholar, scholar"

  3. absolutely beautiful! glad to hear you got to check something off your summer to-do list :)

    and OMG the old spice guy is HOOLARIOUS!!! love those commercials.

  4. I better make a summer to do list before it's too late! I've been dying to plan a trip to Oregon by the way.

  5. hey Oregon IS gorgeous... also... I hope your children aren't deformed from touching the willamette. .... oooh lovely polluted willamette!!! :)


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