weekend updating

Jun 15, 2010

Do you wanna know what I did this weekend?


And I did it on purpose.
And it ... felt ... GLORIOUS.

I did do a few things like sleep in, sit outside reading in the sun, paint my toenails, eat breakfast on the deck, tease the golfers, and relax the crap out. 

And I didn't feel guilty for more than like a second.
Because I needed it SO bad.

I did, eventually, go grocery shopping for some little stuff, but it was a good weekend. 
Plus I got to watch the World Cup and NBA Finals. 

Today my little brother actually made it to Nicaragua for his mission. 
And I'll be in BOSTON at the end of the week for my VACATION!!!
Double HOLLA!!



  1. wow lucky you to go to Boston...take lots of pictures!!! And I think since you had such a relaxing weekend, you should reward yourself, by getting Anna a job with you :) she would be greaaaat! Also, what you just described was what I've been doing the last 2 weeks. and I concur, it does feel GLORIOUS.


  2. Yay! Sometimes a weekend filled with nothing can hit the spot!

  3. Sometimes nothing is the best thing EVAH. And I am so happy the World Cup is here - adds excitement to the summer!

  4. Vacations are THE BEST!!! Have a lovely time!


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