to blonde or not to blonde?

May 28, 2010

So when I wrote my little letter below, saying I wanted to go blonder and shorter -- people asked to see the picture I had in mind.

I'm first going to preface this with an explanation.
From my sophomore year of high school all the way up to my sophomore year of college, and then again from halfway through sophomore college years until graduation ... I had short hair.

I would go through phases where I'd start to grow it out, get fed up, and then chop it back to my favorite length.
Then when I graduated I decided I was for real going to grow it out.
And, like clockwork, every couple of months I think about cutting it all off again.
This is one of those points.

So I'll show you the

{sorry about the bad lighting.}



and the

Photobucket Photobucket
{forgive the duck face. and the poor quality. it was my old old phone. and i'm not naked -- i cropped out the swimsuit.{see my sad sunburn?}}

So what do you think? 
Short? Long? Should I just go back to blonder (that's what I want MOST)?
{I know boyfriend likes long...but he also said he won't tell me I can't cut it.}



  1. Blond would be very sassy. I'm all about changing it up. I'd say chop it off and go blond!

  2. keep it long... and go PLATINUM, LADY GAGA BLONDE!!!!

  3. Cut itttt! I love you with short hair. But either way, you're freaking adorable. Blonder and shorter. After my wedding, I think that's the plan for me as well. But who knows? Come fall, brown tones could be calling my name. Don't you just love the versatility of hair?

  4. I've never seen your hair long--gotta say, it looks really pretty! I say keep it long, but good to go with some extra blonde for the summer. :)

    p.s. do what will make you happy!


    Sorry to be making sex noises, but I LOVE the shorter blonder look. It's spunky.

    You're spunky, I'm spunky. You need spunky fun hair. Do it. Do it. Do it. I said so.

  6. I love it short! But then again, I'm in the exact same position as you and I'm dying to get it all chopped!

  7. Hard to say girl, you have great hair so it looks good all ways you're showing it... that shorter look does have some spunk though :)

  8. keep going long. It's worth doing at least once in your life :) I did it, finally cut it shorter and am proud that I was able to resist chopping it for so long. Do it! or don't do it. Whichever way you look at it. love you lots and miss you tons. We're moving to Texas by the way, so if you want some sunshine, come our way. Although, the humidity might make you want to stay in Oregon...

  9. I say shorter and blonder! But definitely shorter :)


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