ruler for a day: my pen pal!

May 7, 2010

My super rad awesome pen pal, Season, has created her list.
And let me tell you, I freaking love it.
PLUS this gorgeous lady has mono and could totally use some happy over at her place.
So check it out ... and then go show some love!

Okay, I think I'm ready for this.

1. I am incredibly loyal.
2. I am filled with (some might say, useless) information. But ask me about any celebrity, tv show, etc, and I'll have an answer.
3. I am extremely honest. I can not lie. My parents instilled that into me at a young age. It just kills my husband that I can't lie to people, lol.
4. I was featured in a few art shows in high school and college.
5. I always come up with the perfect gifts for my family.
6. I have been told that I have absolutely beautiful eyes. (and legs, but that was years ago)
7. I once kicked a soccer ball from one goal to the other goal and scored. This was during practice and not a game though.
8. I'm an extremely hard worker. Once I get a job I always try my hardest to be the best employee they have. My dad just had to remind me not to work myself out of a job. :)
9. I love with all of my heart. Friends, Families, and Significant Others.
10. Um, I have a kick ass name! Thanks mom & dad.

If you wanna tell me why YOU RULE, I'll do it til everyone realizes how awesome they are. Just click on the cute little bear!


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