ruler for a day: the almost wed!

My friend Susan just sent me her list.
I love this girl. She's fun, thoughtful, giving, funny and sweet to boot. I have loved getting to know her over the past two years!

Ten Reasons I rule: (this is a great idea by the's going to make me feel good!)

1. I am a convert to the LDS church and have had to endure some tough stuff because of that decision... but it's the best decision I've ever made!

2. I really care about people. I have always been thoughtful. I see something that reminds me of someone I know and I buy it for them just because. Or I make cards for people for giving good talks in church. Things like that.

3. I have a very unique laugh, and people make fun of it a lot, but I love it.

4. I somehow got the most beautiful man (inside and out) to marry me! I am VERY blessed.

5. I am great at scrap-booking, and it doesn't take me YEARS to finish things like that. I can get a lot done in just a couple hours because I am NOT a perfectionist by any means!

6. I can pogo stick with no hands, and once did this 2006 times. (in 8th grade!)

7. I am reallllly good at jumbles, sudoku, cryptograms, and crossword puzzles. Oh and Wheel of Fortune!

8. I am a girl without DRAMA. I have a hard time making girl friends because I can't stand the drama, but it just makes life so much simpler. I'm glad I am not dramatic.

9. I am really good at wrestling. People can't hold me down, I'm a scrapper.

10. I am extremely loving. The people who are close to me are so dear to my heart. I like to express my love through hugs and kisses in my family. I love to love!

If you wanna tell me why YOU RULE, I'll do it til everyone realizes how awesome they are. Just click on the cute little bear!


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