let's chat about cleavage

May 4, 2010

Seriously, boy readers ... you may not be so interested in this.

Okay, ladies. Let's talk about boobs.
{Ha. My mom is gonna FREAK when she reads that.}

Any of you who know me in real life know that I'm not ... well, what you would call ... unendowed.
In fact, I'm pretty stacked. I have been since I was 12. When other girls were still running around chasing boys on the playground, I was trying to figure out how to run around with these new body parts of mine without giving myself a black eye.

Over the years I've come to terms with being "stacked." It makes fitting clothes more difficult, exercising usually requires 2 bras (ha. seriously.) ... and finding bras I like that will actually hold the ladies in as well as be comfortable and pretty is a feat of Illiad proportions (especially with straps for 5'2" frame).

Now I've been following this controversy for about a week ... and I needed to finally talk about it.

I doubt many of you have heard of Ashley Graham. She's a gorgeous, tall, normal-sized woman "plus size" model. She's also the focus of a recent controversy.

See, recently both ABC and FOX banned a Lane Bryant commercial from their networks for exposing too much cleavage. But an equally racy spot from lingerie big-wig Victoria Secret, got preferential air time. I'm gonna let you see for yourself:

Lane Bryant commercial

Victoria Secret "The Nakeds" commercial

How can this still be happening? We've had so many articles, movements, celebrities -- why must we CONTINUE letting the media teach us, our sisters, moms, daughters, friends, etc. that to be sexy or beautiful or desired you have to be 1) a size 0, and 2) an object?!!

My favorite way I've seen the controversy summed up is this:
"Though semi-provocative (it's a girl in her underwear, for crying out loud!), the Lane Bryant ad showed nothing that anyone who's seen a weigh-in on "The Biggest Loser" hasn't glimpsed before; meanwhile the Victoria's Secret The Nakeds ad stars flat-tummied Angels in nude-toned bras writhing like they're auditioning for a Whitesnake video ... So for those keeping track at home, here's the score: Size zero, bad. Going unairbrushed, good. Plus size...uncomfortable?"
{found here -- go read the article it's AMAZING.}

Now I'm not saying a naturally (or healthy) size 0 girl is any less worthy of love than a size 22 girl. I'm saying -- PLEASE can we just teach girls, each other, ourselves that a stupid number DOES NOT define beauty.
How about:  
Sound good?!

So what do you all think?



  1. You go girl! Hells yeah and all that good stuff. Its ridiculous. Beauty comes in any size, any shape. I love your big boom booms :)

  2. Ugh, this just makes me SO DARN MAD! I, like you, started developing when I was 12 and definitely have a big rack. I even got a reduction when I was 19 but have since gained weight, making the girls bigger.

    I think it's disgusting that they're okay with the overly sexy Vickie's ads but not the Lane Bryant ones. Of course the Lane Bryant model has more cleavage, SHE HAS BIGGER BOOBS! Hence the reason that I almost ALWAYS wear a shirt under my v-necks, because on ME they show more cleavage than on a small chested girl.

    This is disgusting, sad and a step in the wrong direction. It makes me want to stop watching ABC and Fox altogether. Heck, I already dislike Fox anyway. Gross.

  3. This is just ridiculous. That VS add is like porn compared to the Lane Bryant one. They're all pulsating their bodies and touching themselves... ridic.

  4. It is so hard for young girls because it's all they see .... I loved this post!

  5. AMEN! I hate that this commercial was not aired. I showed it to my husband and he is in the same agreement as us. Its ridiculous that they say it too "sexy" but like u said the itty bitty women show the same if not more. sorry for the small rant.

  6. I love this post and totally agree!!

  7. by far my fave post, well said! I posted about this too! Great job!

  8. I have such issues with media portrayal (and objectification) of women. Frankly, not a fan of either spot, but the Victoria's Secret one is AWFUL--totally inappropriate, way more scandalous...and...well, I feel a huge rant coming on, and I don't have time to write it all out. But I totally agree. Um, also--a plus sized model, really? She's totally not plus sized (well, okay, maybe her chest is, but the rest of her, no!) Anyway...Real people, real bodies, and fewer naked/ scantily clad ladies on basic TV channels, and I think the world would be a much better place.

  9. round of applause goes to you today! amen sister!!! preach on!

    all this boobie drama is such BS! that commercial is no different than the VS ad....actually i lie, it's better because it's classy.

    freakin A man! here's to the REAL movement...let's bring it back yo!

  10. I meant to post about this as well. I'm glad that you did. It really in infuriating. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that commercial. Sugarbutt and I thought the model was absolutely gorgeous. I hate that they categorize her an plus sized. She looks healthy. She should be the norm, not size 0. If they want to see plus sized then they need to come visit me, lol.

  11. That is flat out ludicrous...There is NO difference in those commercials!

  12. Um, i love you so hard for this post. haha!

  13. Standing ovation from me, girl! I TOTALLY agree!!!

  14. this is infuriating!! Anna showed it to me and I was APALLED. you are right on the nose about this. i can't believe that they would do that.


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