just a note to say ....

May 27, 2010

dear oregon,
i know i said i like when it really really pours rain. and i stand by that. but could i have just one sunshiney day please with some blue sky? thanks. p.s. i love the rhododendrons.
love, someone who hopes to stay for a long long time.

dear brother,
you make me so proud. good luck.
love, older smaller sister.

dear bed,
get ready for some quality time.
love, someone in need of snuggling
dear red man,
thanks for being there for me. for watching out for me, and for my friends. i don't know if i'll ever be able to tell you how much i respect you. but i really really do.
sincerely, to your left.

dear kitties (and rat friend),
i really wanted to take one of you home. still do. i sure hope that you find someone to take you into their home and love you.
love, your wanna be human bff

dear brunette beauty,
i miss you so much. i feel so lost and lonely without you. and that is the complete truth. i wish i could see you soon. can we make that happen?
love, your blonde counterpart

my love,
it continues on, deeper and deeper still. i am so lucky to have you.
love, puzzle piece

dear hair stylist,
i'm thinkin blonder and shorter. what do you think? i even have a picture in mind. let's chat.
love, long locks. 

dear on your high horse,
oh man. everything i want to say here would make people blush. i will say, how dare you. the 'funny' thing is YOU are the toxic one. you can pretend all you want -- but anyone worth anything knows exactly how much you've hurt yourself, how pitiful you truly are -- and has distanced themselves from you in order to avoid you wrecking their life as well as your own. so keep on judging. i'll just continue watching with disgust.
unwarm antiwishes, the one who knows the truth.

dear laundry,
please fold yourself. pretty please? i'll give you a cookie. okay maybe that won't work ... but i'd really love if you were just done and put away.
love, the owner of FAR TOO MANY clothes


  1. love the notes, all of them sound like they could be mine!

  2. haha too cute, Siovhan. Also, lets see that photo you are thinking of working off of!! I think short and blonde would look HOT!

  3. self folding laundry...now wouldn't that be awesome. then i wouldn't loath doing laundry so much.

    if you go blonder and shorter, please share pics.

    and oregon, if you're listening, forward that message along to your neighbor california. k thanks.

  4. Aww, the note to your love... :) You're happy and I love it!

  5. Siovhan, you're the cutest! ("On Your High Horse" is not.) Seeing you happy, makes me happy. xo

  6. Of course we can hang out soon... assuming that's for me :) Sorry about the delayed response. Can't wait to see you and hear all about your fabulous vacation! Love you!


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