ruler for a day: the newbie

Apr 24, 2010

Sarah's a new follower -- and let me tell you, this girl is rad. I love that she blogs the way I do -- about this, that, and everything. It makes it exciting to see what she's gonna come up with next! Plus, she's adorable.

Sarah said:

I rule because:
1. I have read hundreds of books.
2. I have the patience to spend 8 hours a day with 4 year olds!
3. I now have a savings account(with money in it).
4. I have a great sense of fashion.
5. I make delicious hummus!
6. I finally got on an airplane for the first time in 2009.
7. I am an artist.
8. I have been exercising on a regular basis for the past month!
9. I quit smoking.
10. Just because!

I HAVE HUNDREDS OF BOOKS, TOO!! And I freaking love hummus. 

If you wanna tell me why YOU RULE, I'll do it til everyone realizes how awesome they are. Just click on the cute little bear!

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  1. Hey! I have a savings account too. That does make you feel awesome and so grown up.

    Newbie sounds like good people. I like her.


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