ruler for a day: gab-tastic

Apr 15, 2010

LOOK AT THAT HOTTIE. {Dude I totally have a dress like that in that same color.} Gabby is one of the GRANDEST reasons I'm glad I began blogging. She is one of the funniest, kindest, most determined, loving and loyal people I've met and I'm so proud to call her my friend.

Just last week I got a GREAT card from her in the mail. Just to say hi--in real life. And on that epically bad day, she was one of the first people to text me tell me she loved me and was thinkin about me. I'm so grateful for this lady.

Okay, my love Gabby said:

I love this, alllll of this. And I would kill for your #1. And homemade oreos whaaaat?? What else are you hiding from me? :)

I'll play. Because I rule!

1. I can cook and bake very well.
2. I'm fiercely loyal.
3. My dance moves are HOT, although sometimes like Carlton on The Fresh Prince {which is hot too.}
4. I give and receive compliments graciously.
5. Sometimes people think I'm funny and sometimes I agree.
6. My hair grows like a weed.
7. I will always remember your name.
8. I'm a super good +A listener.
9. I'm adventurous and will try anything once.
10. I have a ginormous heart.


GABBBBBBBTASTICNESS. Homemade oreos are the most amazing and DELICIOUS things ever. They're my go to cookie--I'm emailin you the recipe.

If you wanna tell me why YOU RULE, I'll do it til everyone realizes how awesome they are. Just click on the cute little bear!



  1. I love people who are good at remembering names - the most awkward thing ever is when someone who SHOULD remember your name doesn't and you're not sure whether or not to say anything...

  2. Ahhhh! Thanks for featuring me, ladylove! I adore you. Homemade oreos or no homemade oreos.

  3. Yeah for awesome Gabby!!! I would love to meet her in real life and go dancing - I mean, I bust out the Carlton every chance I get!


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