ruler for a day: the bangin krysten

Apr 29, 2010

Krysten is SUCH an amazing blogger. Dude she has the coolest interests (I say that because they're a lot like mine. hahaha.). She gives amazing book reviews. And did the COOLEST series about her hubby (it starts here). Check it out.

Krysten says:

Let's see...

1. I am a self proclaimed book worm and love to share my reviews with others.
2. I try to write every single day to make myself better (so that one day I can be published).
3. I am fiercely loyal with my friends and family.
4. I love to laugh.
5. My puppy thinks I'm the best (especially when I give him a snack).
6. I can rock bangs.
7. I am adamant about finishing school and getting my degree.
8. I call my grandma every Friday no matter what.
9. I make some really kick butt tacos.
10. I'm a fabulous multitasker.

Yay, that was fun!

If you wanna tell me why YOU RULE, I'll do it til everyone realizes how awesome they are. Just click on the cute little bear!

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